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Jeffrey J. Warsaw

Jeffrey J. Warsaw is the founder of Warsaw Capital Partners, an independent and annuity insurance firm that delivers a select financial experience to his referral-only clientele. He and his elite partners bring hundreds of combined years of industry knowledge, expertise, and resources to his clients.

Jeffrey’s career began when he was recruited while in college to the largest, national receivables and business-process company in the US, and by age 24, he was in the top 10 of over 1,000 business consultants with 152 offices nationally.

Within three years, Jeffrey had one of the largest multifamily property owners and management firms in the country as one of his many clients, and started an outsourcing company to manage all facets of increasing revenue from accounts receivable and business processes.

After learning about the importance of proper risk assessment and management, he became very interested in the insurance world as well and how wealthy individuals and institutions hedged their investments, decisions, and strategies.

Jeffrey began working at a large, independent retirement firm, helping inform teachers, auto workers, public educators, corporate executives, doctors, and successful business owners about everything retirement and legacy planning. He specialized in the public, nonprofit, and private pension systems, consulting and educating clients to help them ensure a successful retirement while protecting themselves from failing systems, markets, accounting, fees, and red tape.

Combining that with expertise in retirement accounts, he and his growing team were able to develop strategies that really took the client’s whole financial picture into consideration. Once complete, this allowed his clients to understand and make the best financial decisions together.

He was also named, one of the largest international, retirement investment organizations’ “Rookie of the Year” out of thousands of advisors and sent to Paris, Monte Carlo, Cannes, and other destinations; he officially received his award in Rio de Janeiro from the president of the company.

Soon after, he founded Warsaw Capital Partners, taking on predominantly referral-only clientele. Jeffrey’s firm is now almost 100% by referral, enabling the relationship and trust his clients thoroughly enjoy. His firm has exclusive access and continues to maintain and grow relationships with mentors and experts who provide information and services most are not privy to.

The Five Most Common Things We Hear From Our Clients Are:

  • Wish We Had Met You Years Ago
  • Completely Stress Free Now
  • We Have Total Peace Of Mind
  • Safety, Guarantees, Growth & Income
  • Thank you Jeffrey and the Warsaw Capital Partners Team!